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A Present For Everyone (First Time On Vinyl!)

limited blue lp - £25.99 | Buy
Get ready to dive into the high-energy world of pop-rock with Busted's electrifying second album, "A Present for Everyone," finally available on v...

Greatest Hits 2.0 (Another Present For Everyone)

limited glow in the dark 2lp - £21.99 | Buy
limited yellow & black 2lp - £21.99 | Buy

2lp - £21.99 | Buy

CD - £6.99 | Buy

"live edition" cd - £7.99 | Buy
'Another Present For Everyone' sees the 2023 Hits versions of their classic tracks joined by new single, 'One Of These Days'.


LP - £15.99
Busted celebrate their 20th Anniversary by releasing a Greatest Hits collection featuring brand new Busted-only re-recordings of 15 of the band's biggest so...
Busted (First Time On Vinyl!)
  1. What I Go To School For
  2. You Said No
  3. Britney
  4. Losing You
  5. Year 3000
  6. Phycho Girl
  7. All The Way
  8. Sleeping With The Light On
  9. Dawson’s Geek
  10. Without You
  11. Loser Kid


Busted (First Time On Vinyl!)

Integral Distribution Services
  • limited red lp

    Released: 17th May 2024


Take a trip down memory lane with Busted's debut album, now available on vinyl for the first time.

Immerse yourself in iconic hits like "The Year 3000," "What I Go To School For," and "Losing You". This reissue is a must-have for fans old and new, offering a nostalgic journey back to the era of catchy melodies and unforgettable hooks.