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chelsea wolfe

Hiss Spun (2024 Repress)

limited indies only cloudy red & clear 2lp with etched d-side in gatefold sleeve + download - £32.99 | Buy
black 2lp - £28.99 | Buy
“The reigning dark priestess of goth-scarred art rock” - Rolling Stone.
chelsea wolfe

She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She 

limited colour lp - £32.99 | Buy
cd - £14.99 | Buy
Wolfe takes us on a strange and dimly lit journey through Trip-Hop atmospherics by way of searing industrial rhythms - bathed in her trademark gloom, the electr...
Birth of Violence (2024 Repress)
  1. The Mother Road
  2. American Darkness
  3. Birth of Violence
  4. Deranged for Rock & Roll
  5. Be All Things
  6. Erde
  7. When Anger Turns to Honey
  8. Dirt Universe
  9. Little Grave
  10. Preface to a Dream Play
  11. Highway
  12. The Storm

chelsea wolfe

Birth of Violence (2024 Repress)

Sargent House
  • limited indies only lavender eco mix lp in gatefold sleeve with 12pp booklet + download

    Released: 17th May 2024

  • black lp

    Released: 17th May 2024


Chelsea Wolfe has always been a conduit for a powerful energy, and while she has demonstrated a capacity to channel that somber beauty into a variety of forms, her gift as a songwriter is never more apparent than when she strips her songs down to a few key components.

As a result, her solemn majesty and ominous elegance are more potent than ever on Birth of Violence. There is a core element to Chelsea Wolfe’s music—a kind of urgent spin on America’s desolation blues—that’s existed throughout the entirety of her career. Her latest album, Birth of Violence, is a return to the reclusive nature of her earlier recordings. The songs stem from humble beginnings little more than Wolfe’s voice and her Taylor acoustic guitar.