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Seasick Steve

Sonic Soul Surfer (reissue)

limited gold 2lp in gatefold sleeve - £29.99 | Buy
Seasick Steve

Sonic Soul Surfer (Reissue)

limited gold 2lp - £27.99 | Buy
2LP - £27.99 | Buy
Seasick Steve

best of: walkin' man

cd & dvd - £15.99
a career spanning compilation of steve’s most beloved tracks, featuring his raw blues guitar style & poignant homespun folkisms.

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A Trip, A Stumble, A Fall Down On Your Knees


  1. Move to the Country
  2. Internet Cowboys
  3. San Francisco Sound '67
  4. A Trip and a Stumble (For Leya)
  5. This Way
  6. Backbone Slip
  7. Let The Music Talk
  8. You Don't Know (CD / Cassette Only)
  9. Funky Music
  10. Cryin' Out Loud
  11. Soul Food (CD / Cassette Only)
  12. Elisabeth

Seasick Steve

A Trip, A Stumble, A Fall Down On Your Knees

so recordings
  • limited indies only "toffee" lp + *signed* print

    Released: 7th Jun 2024

  • limited canary yellow lp + *signed* print

    Released: 7th Jun 2024

  • cd with 2 extra tracks + 16pp booklet

    Released: 7th Jun 2024


A record that bloomed out of nowhere and took Steve by surprise - this mistakist slice of the blues trembles with spontaneous energy whilst still appearing meticulously crafted as it ranges from hard hitting honks to tremendous tonks with a rousing dose of gospel thrown in for good measure too.

It's been almost 20 years since Seasick Steve's celebrated appearance on Jools Holland's Hootenanny launched the unknown American singer-songwriter to worldwide fame, and his beat-up three-string Japanese guitar and old wooden stompbox made musical history. The overwhelming response surprised nobody more than Steve himself, and was like a lightning strike; the impact of which is still being felt close to two decades later. 'A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees' is a record he proudly says is his favourite to date. Steve says: “This album was made by mistake, as the title suggests we just tripped and stumbled into it, and it became my favourite album ever and the piece of work I’m most proud of to date. There’s not a week goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for that night on the Hootenanny which has brought us here to this record”.