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T. Rex


Demon Records

Numbered Deluxe 180g white 2lp

Released: 12th Oct 2018


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this version of their final studio album features a bonus disc of non-album A- and B-sides, plus seven demos and alternative versions.

The inner sleeves feature the lyrics, credits and annotation by Bolan authority Mark Paytress. This, the final official Marc Bolan and T. Rex album, was conceived during a turbulent time in rock history. Issued on 11 March 1977, Dandy In The Underworld arrived in the wake of the Damned’s ‘New Rose’ and the Sex Pistols’ ‘Anarchy In The UK’, singles that had given the emerging punk scene a national platform. To promote the album, Bolan undertook a tour of the UK and Europe, with support from The Damned, who acknowledged T. Rex as a big influence.



  1. Dandy In The Underworld
  2. Crimson Moon
  3. Universe
  4. I’m A Fool For You Girl
  5. I Love To Boogie
  6. Visions Of Domino
  7. Jason B. Sad
  8. Groove A Little
  9. The Soul Of My Suit
  10. Hang-Ups
  11. Pain And Love
  12. Teen Riot Structure
  13. To Know You Is To Love You
  14. City Port
  15. Dandy In The Underworld [single version]
  16. Tame My Tiger
  17. Celebrate Summer
  18. I’m A Fool For You Girl [demo]
  19. Funky London Childhood
  20. The Soul Of My Suit [demo]
  21. Pain And Love [demo]
  22. Teen Riot Structure [demo]
  23. Tame My Tiger [alternative version]
  24. Celebrate Summer [alternative version]