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Reveille (2014 reissue)


180g blue lp + download

Released: 19th Nov 2014

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reissue of the much-loved deconstructionist art-pop outfit’s 4th record, mixing instrumentals with their usual charm.

part no wave skronk, part yoko ono meets the b-52's, & part weirdo j-pop, on ‘reveille’ we find helter-skelterish flare-ups with primitive casio-like bloops & bleeps, angular fizz-pop guitars, & epileptic drum freakouts & songs featuring matsuzaki's purring falsetto which have an undeniable simplicity & sugar-soaked sweetness. “offers plenty of clattering fury-- just not as much as you may be used to. this time around, the gleeful chaos of their last 2 christmas cards from the asylum has been tempered into something more endearingly bizarre.” 4/5 – pitchfork.

Reveille (2014 reissue)


  1. Sound the Alarm
  2. This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
  3. The Eyebright Bugler
  4. Punch Buggy Walves
  5. No One Fed Me So I Stayed
  6. Frenzied Handsome, Hello!
  7. Days & Nights in the Forest
  8. Top Tim Rubies
  9. Hark the Umpire
  10. Our Angel’s Ululu
  11. The Last Trumpeter Swan
  12. Tuning a Stray
  13. Holy Night Fever
  14. All Rise
  15. Cooper
  16. Hallelujah Chorus