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Fela Kuti

Roforofo Fight / The Fela Singles

Knitting Factory


Released: 4th Mar 2013


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incredible, politically charged, funky cuts from the founding father of afrobeat & his expansive band of singers, dancers & players.

there's a slight slide toward more '70s-sounding rhythms in the happy-feet beats of the title track, & the varied, yet rock-solid drums in ‘go slow.’ there's just a hint of reggae in ‘trouble sleep yanga wake am,’ in the pace, vocal delivery, ethereal keyboards, & lilting yet dramatic minor melodic lines. the james brown influence is strongly heard in the lean, nervous guitar strums of ‘question jam answer,’ & the horns cook in a way that they might have had brown been more inclined to let his bands go into improvisational jams. ‘shenshema’ is a nine-minute cut that is heavy on go-go-like percussion & cool, responsive chants from the band. the ten-minute ‘ariya’ is a real discovery, its urgent spy theme-like melody & kuti's haunting, driven vocals making it a highlight even relative to the generally high quality of his recordings during this period.

Roforofo Fight / The Fela Singles