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Mystery Fields

castles in space

limited "mystery blue" lp - 1 per customer

Released: 3rd Dec 2021


Fashioned out of warped and warbled nostalgic technology and littered with uncanny sonic trinkets this record is an eerie trip into the cultural landscape of 1970s Britain.

Graphic designer Phil Heeks draws inspiration from classic ‘70s soundtrack and sound effects LPs for debut album as The British Stereo Collective. Phil Heeks delivers a stunning homage to ‘70s BBC LPs and vintage soundtrack compilations in this debut record from The British Stereo Collective. Although the Mystery Fields album cover has the look and feel of a BBC Radiophonic Workshop release, the album itself is a wider nod to various TV theme compilations that Phil grew up with in the 1970s and early 1980s, including the classic Geoff Love releases and the BBC themes and sound effects albums. What comes across most is the love and affection for the period, beautifully recreated in the meticulous detail of the album artwork and the effortless precision with which the tracks are put together and sequenced. Says Phil, “After revisiting the 1979 conclusion to the Quatermass saga on Blu Ray in October 2019, I was hugely inspired by the music and atmosphere and embarked on creating a specific brand of retro electronica under the guise of “The British Stereo Collective”. “The album is my homage to a beloved era of classic TV themes, 'space music' and general cosmic noise, inspired by the combined influence of Jeff Wayne, Peter Howell, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Barry Gray, Roy Budd, Francis Monkman, Brian Bennett, Paddy Kingsland and countless others.” Pressed up on beautiful Mystery Blue vinyl and featuring a radio Times referencing insert, the album works as a complete and aesthetically gorgeous time capsule for those who are perennially nostalgic for the golden age of Sunday afternoon TV and your uncle’s Vangelis and Hi-Fi stereo albums.

Mystery Fields


01. The Yesterday Children

02. The Ghosts Of Fleet Forest

03. Theme From Space Guardians

04. Dog Barking At Innocent Birds

05. Mystery Fields

06. The Rain And The Darkness

07. Flying Saucer Landing

08. Puzzle Time

09. The Ghosts Of Fleet Forest (End Titles)

10. Southern Television (Ident)

11. Midlands Television (Ident)

12. Travelogue

13. Woman Laughing At Creaky Door

14. Ringstone Round

15. Wires Are Dangerous

16. At The Court Of Queen Jezebel

17. The War Within

18. Nature Of The Beast

19. Blood Curdling Maniac

20. The Bentley Saga