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Music from the Accident

thrill jockey


Released: 18th Mar 2022


The music of composer and percussionist JohnColpitts is as fearless as it is far-reaching.

As oneof New York’s most in-demand improvisers anddrummers, Colpitts’ prolific list of collaborationsspeaks to his omnivorous and innovative approachto music. He operates at the vanguard of newmusic, whether working with pioneeringcomposers like William Basinski and LaurieAnderson, outrock explorers Boredoms, Oneidaand Spiritualized, or fellow contemporary sonicadventurers Greg Fox and Jan St. Werner. On new album, ‘Music From The Accident’, Colpittseschews his Man Forever and Kid Millionsmonikers to present his most vulnerable andresonant work to date, charting an importantperiod of transformation for the composer. As itsname implies, ‘Music From The Accident’ capturesan unexpected, life-altering change in thecomposer’s life. In February 2018, Colpitts wasinvolved in a car crash which severely injured hisback and left him unable to work or perform formonths. The three movements on ‘Music FromThe Accident’ each speak to a different stage ofColpitts recovery, shifting from stasis to toddlingand finally transcendence. This progressive workilluminates Colpitts’ tenacious spirit and sheeringenuity as a composer.

Music from the Accident


  1. Bread
  2. Up and Down
  3. Recover