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castles in space


Released: 1st Apr 2022


ilk are a UK based collective of musicians, fusing a bewildering collage of home-found sounds with the ambient soundscapes of washy synths, exquisite strings, insect-like clicks and cuts, and huge gorgeous waves of all encompassing experimental noise.

Collaboration and open minded exploration are at the centre of all that they do. A year on from their debut release for Castles In Space, Jilk present their new album; “Haunted Bedrooms”. Eight diverse tracks exploring themes of rebellion, protest, trauma and hope. Written during the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 the album overflows with a tense beauty, where vibraphones, pianos, strings and guitars fall through brittle, sweeping electronics to intoxicating effect. The nostalgic horror of discordant lullabies is held in the same space as warm, pastoral folk and filtered through the marching pulse of house, glitch and deep, abstract Electronica. “Come Back Soft” features a collaboration with Haiku Salut on electronics and trumpet to dizzying and ever intensifying effect. “Lives In Her Eyes, Feasts On Her Tears” features Kaya Painter on saxophone and vocals, while “Carrie Grave Hand” features Nuala Honan on vocals. On “Haunted Bedrooms”, Jilk are Sophie Barkerwood, Cags Diep, Neil Gay, Chris Harris, Nuala Honan, Kayla Painter and Jonathan Worsley.