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David Toop

Pink Spirit, Noir World

Foam On A Wave


Released: 20th May 2022


ew recordings convey such a spirit of optimism; from a time when creation could be as free, unconstrained and ambitious.

These albums are remarkable in both their harnessing of new recording technologies, and their weaving together a melting-pot of genres and influences that traverse the globe across centuries of musical tradition into something distinctly novel. They also document an almost visual memory, conjuring images both vivid and dream-like. Phantoms flit in and out of focus throughout their musical dialogues - perhaps the very same ones which were haunting Toop throughout the 'wildly contradictory mixture of emotional harshness and ecstatic inspiration' he found his life to be at the time. It's the first time this music has been available on vinyl and to it's new lease of life, all the tracks on this compilation have been remastered by sound designer/engineer Dave Hunt. This stunning compilation is housed in a gatefold sleeve and contains an exclusive piece written by David, reflecting on how he came to record these incredible songs.

Pink Spirit, Noir World


  1. Ceremony Viewed Through Iron Slit
  2. Almost Transparent Blue
  3. Sunless
  4. Lime Leaves
  5. Sleeping Powder
  6. Slow Loris Versus Poison Snail (feat. Jon Hassell)
  7. Mixed Blood
  8. Sugar Frosted Charcoal Scene
  9. Aether Talk
  10. Mamba Point
  11. Phantoms Keeping Watch
  12. Spirits Shimmered Among the Live People