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Midori Takada

Tree of Life (2022 reissue)


180g half speed mastered lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 2nd Dec 2022


cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 2nd Dec 2022


the worldwide reissue of Midori Takada’s solo album from 1999, Tree of Life, available on vinyl for the first time ever in a new audiophile mix by the Japanese percussionist herself, and in full half-speed-mastered glory.

The 180g LP comes in a heavy sleeve with a beautiful design by Kohei Sugiura. Tree of Life is also available in CD (digipack) and digital formats. Originally recorded in September 1998 at legendary Ginza (Tokyo) studio Onkio Haus (founded in 1974 and where Ryuichi Sakamoto’s "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" and many more were recorded) and released on CD only for the Japan market in 1999, Tree of Life is Midori Takada’s best kept secret, a lost gem of minimalism and percussive ambient. The album is separated in two parts, the first one finds Takada exploring her trademark environmental soundscapes with precise mastery of marimba, drums, and bells, notably on the magnificent fan-favorite "Love Song Of Urfa". The second half is a collaboration with Chinese virtuoso Erhu player Jiang Jian Hua, allowing Midori Takada to unveil new layers of her artistic mind with a slightly more theatrical approach and a beautiful crystallization of complex simplicity. The entire album was given a fresh new audiophile mix by Midori Takada herself and was mastered at Emil Berliner Studios, with half speed cutting for the vinyl version, to ensure an audio presentation aligned with the Japanese pioneer’s vision.

Tree of Life (2022 reissue)

  1. Love Song Of Urfa
  2. Tan Tejah
  3. Tayurani
  4. Wa-Na-Imba
  5. Modoki 1 (Futa-Aya-Asobi )
  6. Awase 1 (Futa-Aya-Asobi)
  7. Yukiai (Futa-Aya-Asobi)
  8. Awase 2 (Futa-Aya-Asobi)
  9. Orifusi (Futa-Aya-Asobi)
  10. Modoki 2 (Futa-Aya-Asobi
  11. Awase 3 (Futa-Aya-Asobi)
  12. Usuyo (Futa-Aya-Asobi)