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Released: 6th Jul 2018


The seven tracks present in the album have vibrant and contagious rhythms, the use of the organ is very effective and has a prominent participation, added to the well executed instrumental that the band has, a flood of good riffs and a vocal that has a strong presence.

The Stoner / Hard Rock approach of the band delivers features that will remember many names like Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult, but at the same time the band tries to apply their own ideas. Among the highlights, I cite the heavy “Down” and “The Hunter”, and the great “Through the Fire”, with an incredibly touching rhythm and beautiful melodies. If you are one of those who appreciate the many revivals of the 70s, you should check out Titan from the Mount Atlas, one of the great revelations in this sphere.



  1. Titan
  2. Go For a Ride
  3. Down
  4. Atlas
  5. Through the Fire
  6. The Hunter
  7. Loss
  8. Burn, Witches!