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Released: 25th Mar 2022


During more than half a century as a prolific and uncommonly versatile recording artist, Jimmy McCracklin made a lot of great blues and soul records.

He also did more than his share of rocking. That’s the side of the Bay Area piano pounder’s massive discography that this jam‐packed compilation concentrates on, McCracklin tears through his 1958 smash The Walk and plenty more, showing himself to be a highly distinctive artist with a penchant for potential dance crazes, driving rhythms, and intriguing lyrics that often told vivid slice‐of‐life tales of the gin joints he played at. Jimmy‘s mighty combo, The Blues Blasters, was anchored first by guitarist Robert Kelton and then blistering fretsman Lafayette Thomas, whose slashing licks perfectly counterpointed tough horn sections and McCracklin’s own boogie‐fired 88s. Rockin’ All Day, The Wobble, Let’s Do It (The Chicken Scratch), Georgia Slop—this collection is a non‐stop rock and roll party!