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pye corner audio

black mill tapes volumes 1-4



Released: 10th Feb 2014


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associate of the ghost box collective conjures fuzzy radiophonic funk on this expertly crafted & expansive triple cd collection of electronic vignettes.

at times the dusty soundscapes of ‘vol. 1 & 2’ see the muted 4/4 pulse of theo parrish sitting happily alongside the wired electro of other people place & the cracked homespun ambience of early boards of canada. there’s a notable shift into beat-laced darkness on ‘Volumes 3&4’ as we’re treated to a slice of sizzling darkwave with ‘Inside the Wave’, & gloomy John Carpenter-influenced rumblings with the sparse ‘Dystopian Vector Part One’. these productions are the soundtrack to the flickering neon light outside your bedroom window, & should be approached with caution.

black mill tapes volumes 1-4


  1. Transmission One:Lonesome Vale
  2. We Have Visitors
  3. Folk Festival
  4. Electronic Rhythm Number Three
  5. A Dark Door
  6. Theme Number Four
  7. Electronic Rhythm Number Eight
  8. Building Twelve, Room One
  9. Theme Number Nine
  10. Transmission Three:Briar Lane
  11. Gathering
  12. Mirror Sequence1
  13. Electronic Rhythm Number Seven
  14. Transmission Four:Crooked Hill
  15. Electronic Rhythm Number Four1
  16. Through The King’s Wood
  17. Recrypt1
  18. Theme Number Six
  19. 1Toward Light
  20. sine Times Nine
  21. Ecneuqes Rorrim
  22. Pathway Six
  23. Electronic Rhythm Number Five
  24. Transmission Seven:Pathways Open
  25. Inside The Wave
  26. Memory Wiped
  27. Building Obscured By Mist
  28. Electronic Rhythm Number One
  29. Foreshadowed
  30. Hexden Channel1
  31. Transmission Two:Pathways Closed
  32. Electronic Rhythm Number Eighteen
  33. Theme Number Eight
  34. Transmission Five:The Old Place
  35. Dystopian Vector Part One
  36. Transmission Thirteen:Line Of Sight
  37. Electronic Rhythm Number Nine
  38. Theme Number Seven
  39. Electronic Rhythm Number Two
  40. Electronic Rhythm Number Twelve
  41. Transmission Nine:Black Light
  42. Void Bound
  43. Dystopian Vector Part Two1
  44. Evil Surrounds
  45. Cont No Stop