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CD (reissue)

Released: 16th Mar 2012


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180g lp + download

Released: 10th Jul 2013


the many highlights of this album are so striking that this is practically a best-of in all but name.

spacemen 3’s 2nd album was a remarkable departure from their 1986 debut, ‘sound of confusion’. reduced to a trio following the departure of the 1st album’s drummer, they make an asset out of the new found lack of percussion, delivering a considerably less rock-oriented sound with much more open space in its varied, subtle arrangements. it follows the vision of a drug trip from inception to its blasted conclusion, highs & lows fully intact. the bookending of the album makes this clear – ‘take me to the other side’ is a brash, exultant charge into the joys of the experience, a sharp, tight performance. ‘call the doctor’, meanwhile, is a pretty-but-wounded conclusion, husky singing & a drowsy mood detailing the final collapse.