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limited indies blue lp - 1 per customer - £28.99 | Buy
limited lp - 1 per customer - £21.99 | Buy
The motorik and icy atmospheres of Automatic’s debut Signal remain, but Excess sees the band widening their scope, folding catchy pop hooks into their sou...

Smiling Pools

limited indies only poolside blue lp - £22.99 | Buy
dinked 238 - very limited numbered* "whirlpool red" lp* in alternate artwork sleeve* - 1 per customer - £26.99
This trio have enamoured us more deeply with each gig & record & we’re ecstatic at what they’ve uncovered now.

A Comforting Notion EP

limited black 12" - £23.99 | Buy
limited indies only deluxe edition black 12" + heartworms customised airfix spitfire kit - 1 per customer - £29.99
'A Comforting Notion' finds Jojo (heartworms) working with speedy wunderground founder Dan Carey across four tracks of mesmeric, gothic-sounding post-ro...


cd - £10.99
For drinking - For dancing - For running - For smiling - For breaking yourself out of that headspace you don’t want to be in.
deep tan

diamond horsetail / creeping speedwells

dinked 184 - very limited numbered* "piss kink yellow" lp (with both EPs) + signed print* - 1 per customer - £19.99
Spiky guitars above a driving rhythm section & a sharp, detached vocal – this London-based, subversive post-punk, industrial-disco trio definitely spe...


blue lp - £23.99 | Buy
A blistering debut of acid squelch, industrial grind, metallic beats, sinister synths & jagged punk spirit, along with the odd moment of hushed contemplatio...
  1. Energy Plan
  2. Dance & Go
  3. Frightened
  4. Boiler Suits & Combat Boots
  5. Non È Ancora
  6. Mad Blue Love
  7. Sweat
  8. Um Politik
  9. Prédateur
  10. Another Fact


The Umlauts


  • limited lp

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • cd

    Released: 13th Oct 2023


Buzzy band alert!! The Umlauts are paragons of trans-europe excess, dripping with inarguable edge; shambling wildly from chaotic cool to  bombastically exquisite order; invested with unhinging, socio-political bite, dancing in a rave of their own - Come join The Umlauts‘ disco war march.

As anyone who has been lucky enough to catch them live (we saw their riveting Revenge show at The Great Escape this year) will know, there are few things in life quite as mesmerising or outrageously euphoric as the nine-strong Umlauts army effervescing in fulsome force. They rebel against labels, transcending borders of land and time - packed with twin vocalists equally competent in their skewering south-London drawl as they are in German, Italian or French - as in touch with the nostalgias of First-Generation post-punk or 80’s pop as they are with the techniks of contemporary pop or big beat dance. 

Compiling the best of The Umlauts' first two EPs – ‘Ü’ (2021) and ‘Another Fact’ (2022) - and appended with a clutch of new material – ‘Slags’ offers the most comprehensive versioning of this Umlauts experience as yet extant on record; a salacious digest of wild experiments present and past.

FFO: Nuha Ruby Ra / Heartworms / Sink Ya Teeth / PVA / Pozi / Deep Tan / Automatic