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clear LP


reissue of the british post-punks’ second incredible rough trade album from 1981.

when you can name john peel, kurt cobain & kim gordon (who provides the liner notes for this issue) among your die-hard fans you can safely be called an essential part of underground rock & ‘odyshape’ definitely still holds its own as a forward thinking & keenly experimental avant-pop/punk album. simple yet playful & satisfying guitar & string melodies, in the sonic landscape of lou reed & john cale’s shared dynamic on early velvet underground records, share a beautiful melodic jumble with sparse & textural piano motifs. plaintive & childlike vocals, reminiscent of those on white noise’s debut album, sing oblique & disarming tales of the modern female experience set in an isolated & often harsh & unfriendly world, while woodblocks, cymbals & tom-toms rumble along with the quirky, ever shifting bass to create a vaguely unsettling yet original & driven rhythm section. guest turns by soft machine’s robert wyatt & pil’s richard  dudanski only add to the legendary status of this intriguing recording.



  1. Shouting Out Loud
  2. Family Tree
  3. Only Loved At Night
  4. Dancing In My Head
  5. Odyshape
  6. And Then It's O.K.
  7. Baby Song
  8. Red Shoes
  9. Go Away