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George Michael


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originally released in 1990, his 2nd solo album gets the remaster treatment.
Caroline Polachek

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You

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The best pop music comes out of nowhere and sounds like nothing else - Such is the case with Polachek’s nebulous second and uniquely brilliant album.

Giving The World Away

lp - £21.99
If The Sundays were reincarnated in a shimmering synth-pop guise beneath a disco ball, they may well have ended up Giving The World Away.


  1. Headlights On
  2. Basement El Dorado
  3. The Bodybuilder
  4. Suburban Solutions
  5. Presidio
  6. Dial Tone
  7. Histrion
  8. Prima
  9. Alex
  10. Little Chaos

wild nothing


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    Released: 27th Oct 2023

  • CD

    Released: 27th Oct 2023


Tatum's new album might be a more introspective affair but it's still swaddled in the epic pop charm that enraptured us first time around - like the man says, "put your up feet and embrace sweet oblivion".

Because 'Hold', Jack Tatum’s fifth album under the moniker Wild Nothing, was written in the aftermath of new parenthood during the pandemic, it was probably inevitable that it would be searching and existential music. But during the recording process, the artist known for synth-pop tastefulness used it as an opportunity to reach for a new sonic maximalism and wider set of influences. With contributions from longtime collaborator Jorge Elbrecht, Tommy Davidson of Beach Fossils and Hatchie’s Harriette Pilbeam, first single “Headlights On” features an acid house- worthy bass groove and breakbeat that prove Tatum is playing for the rafters.

Tatum produced the rest of the record on his own, partially out of necessity, due to the challenges of the pandemic. The songs were eventually brought to Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording in Richmond to begin recording drums and filling in the gaps. While largely a product of isolation, Hold also reflects the things Tatum has learned from collaborators, both on previous records and during his acclaimed work with Japanese Breakfast and Molly Burch. The rest of the record was mixed by Geoff Swan, who listeners might know for his work with Caroline Polachek and Charli XCX. Swan put Tatum’s vocals high in the mix, and throughout the album, he embraces playful vocal processing like never before. Tatum moved from Los Angeles back to his home state of Virginia about five years ago in search of a scaled-back lifestyle. The relatively suburban environment—and the occasional regret it inspired—proved to be great artistic fodder. It’s the para- dox of modern America—the suburbs are supposed to be stultifying to art, but they are so full of human desperation perfect for dramatizing. On “Suburban Solutions”, he presents an anti-jingle with an acidly bright synthesizer melody, imploring you to sign on the dotted line, put your feet up, and embrace sweet oblivion.