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music by danny elfman (30th anniversary Zoetrope edition)
  1. Overture - (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  2. Opening - (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  3. This Is Halloween
  4. Jack's Lament
  5. Doctor Finklestein In The Forest
  6. What's This?
  7. Town Meeting Song
  8. Jack and Sally Montage
  9. Jack's Obsession
  10. Kidnap The Sandy Claws
  11. Making Christmas
  12. Nabbed
  13. Oogie Boogie's Song
  14. Sally's Song
  15. Christmas Eve Montage
  16. Poor Jack
  17. To The Rescue
  18. Finale Reprise
  19. Closing
  20. End Credits

The Nightmare Before Christmas

music by danny elfman (30th anniversary Zoetrope edition)

  • very limited zoetrope 2lp

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

    out of stock

This double vinyl set includes the soundtrack from the film featuring all time classics like “What’s this”, “This is Halloween” and more.

that mesmerising zoetrope effect will make you discover the true meaning of christmas all over again!