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Resident end of year 2020 edition - exclusive signed and numbered yellow lp (300 only) - £23.99 £4.98 | Buy
cd - £10.99
For drinking - For dancing - For running - For smiling - For breaking yourself out of that headspace you don’t want to be in.
Soft Cuts
  1. From The Silence
  2. Prophylactics For Pterodactyls
  3. Mighty Mighty
  4. Ventolin
  5. The Fool
  6. Silver Moon
  7. Facemask
  8. Sometimes They Look At You
  9. Your Approval

Maria Uzor (Sink Ya Teeth)

Soft Cuts

castles in space
  • limited red lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 13th Oct 2023


This debut album from previous Sink Ya Teeth member Maria Uzor treads softly upon opening, before charging headfirst into a cosmic landscape of electro, avant-pop, footwork and stark techno.

Nine tracks delivered as the building blocks for a world seen through Uzor’s eyes where there are no boundaries, there are no walls, just a gentle beckoning to be yourself. ‘Soft Cuts’ is a joyful and groove-led journey with unexpected twists through the darkness. Eclectic and esoteric, the album revels in it’s own diversity. There are echos of Aphex Twin in there, of Zapp, Kate Bush and Drexciya. And yet for all it’s influences, Maria has created a body of work that’s beautifully seamless in it’s amalgamations. Play loud and lose yourself to find yourself.