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David Bowie

pin ups (50th anniversary half-speed master edition)

limited edition half-speed master 180g black lp - £28.99 | Buy
the 50th anniversary edition of David Bowie’s classic collection of cover songs, originally released 19th October 1973 - a mere six months after the legen...
David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (50th Anniversary Edition)

limited gold 2lp - £56.99 | Buy
2cd + blu-ray - £22.99

2cd - £16.99 | Buy
Bidding cheerio to his Ziggy Stardust persona, this remastered live documentary recording is bolstered with covers and guest spots including the reinstating of ...
David Bowie

Major Tom To Ashes

limited multi-colour marble lp - £18.99 | Buy
David Bowie

Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas '95) (Brilliant Live Adventures collection)

2LP - £34.99 | Buy
'Ouvrez Le Chien' was recorded live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995 during the US leg of the Outside tour.
David Bowie

Liveandwell.com (2020 Remaster) (Brilliant Live Adventures collection)

2LP - £41.99 | Buy
recorded in New York, Amsterdam and Rio De Janeiro during the 1997 Earthling tour.
Laughing With Liza (2023 Reissue)

David Bowie

Laughing With Liza (2023 Reissue)

Decca Music Group Ltd
  • Limited 5 x 7" Boxset (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 24th Nov 2023


An artist on the cusp of genius, in the height of Swinging London.

Bowie’s early Dream singles collected in a 7″ box for the very first time, including a never before released version of Space Oddity, his breakthrough hit.