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Demdike Stare

the tryptych

modern love

3cd - jewel case re-press

Released: 20th Jan 2014


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collects up demdike stare’s 3 lp’s released in 2010 – ‘forest evil’, ‘liberation through hearing’ & ‘voices of dust’, plus extra bonus material recorded during the same sessions. comprising of sean canty (who works for the esteemed finders keepers label) & miles whittaker (a longtime producer & dj who has released music under the mlz moniker & as part of pendle coven) the music they make is hard to pin down, based largely around archival musical sources ranging from obscure library records to long forgotten jazz, early electronic & industrial recordings, alongside an array of iranian, pakistani, turkish & eastern european material largely unknown in the western world. demdike stare absorb & re-align these found sounds via their ever-expanding array of analogue machines, ending with something that is in part plunderphonic, but ultimately completely new. if you enjoy the smudged, altered-realities of james ferraro & the caretaker then this is an absolute must.

the tryptych


Disc 1
1.     Forest Of Evil (Dusk)            
2.     Forest Of Evil (Dawn)            
3.     Quiet Sky            
Disc 2
1.     Caged In Stammheim            
2.     Eurydice            
3.     Regolith            
4.     The Stars Are Moving            
5.     Bardo Thodol            
6.     Matilda's Dream            
7.     Nothing But The Night 2            
8.     Library Of Solomon            
9.     Library Of Solomon            
Disc 3
1.     Black Sun            
2.     Hashshashin Chant            
3.     Repository Of Light            
4.     Of Decay And Shadows            
5.     Rain And Shame            
6.     Desert Ascetic            
7.     Viento De Levante            
8.     Leptonic Matter            
9.     A Tale of Sand            
10.   Filtered Through Prejudice            
11.   Past Is Past