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mark mcguire

get lost

editions mego


Released: 26th Sep 2011



Released: 26th Sep 2011


emeralds guitarist once again tickles the ears with looping riffs, ambience, vocals & more than touch of electronic elements – awesome.

2010s ‘living with yourself’ was a firm shop favourite using improvised guitar parts & loops for a highly effective atmospheric & drone-based sound. with ‘get lost’ mcguire seems to have sharpened his focus & by employing the use of fx pedals to create dynamic & sweeping backing to his riff heavy guitar style & synth work, this album has a feeling of settling & resolving. using a slightly less distorted sound, more acoustic guitar, spiralling layers & vocals that haunt the songs, this is an accomplished set of compositions with side-one chocka with short hits & side-two employing a megalithic jam of blissed out ambience. his sound definitely recalls six organs of admittance but with an air of oneohtrix point never  - a great combination that exudes autumnal resonance!!!

get lost