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nils frahm



lp + download

Released: 9th Nov 2011


a world of microscopic & delicate sounds with the captivating sonic exposition of dampened piano.

on this contemplative & meditative album the german pianist invites you to immerse yourself in recordings so intimate in their reflective solitude & silence that you could be sitting beside him. frahm uncovers a new sound & source of inspiration within these peaceful moments, from the odd jump off point of dampening his piano with felt, in an effort to practice in a way that was respectful to his neighbours. he became captivated by the sound & placed microphones deep within the body of the instrument & recorded these pieces, which are filled with the subtle, ambient sounds of frahm’s breathing, the action of the piano’s hammers & the creaking of wooden floorboards, giving a truly engrossing quality & distinctly human feel to the music. “’felt’ makes quiet demands of your ears, full of aural quirks & subtle tenderness. nils frahm is clearly a prestigious talent & this is a remarkable tumble through the sounds & shapes of his imagination” – drowned in sound.


  1. keep
  2. less
  3. familiar
  4. unter
  5. old thought
  6. snippet
  7. kind
  8. pause
  9. more