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Released: 18th Apr 2011


the sophomore album by merrill garbus’ tune-yards is another thrilling ride through diy avant-pop.

at the centre of this glorious noise is garbus’ voice - a powerful & ferocious beast that flips between jazzy & soulful crooning like a female version of the dirty projectors’ dave longstreth – leading the charge on this extensive, eccentric collage of sounds. inspiration is drawn from far & wide - 'es-so' & 'gangsta' combine scratchy no-wave guitars & free-jazz sax skronk, while a number of tracks have a distinctly african flavour that owes much to the sample-heavy experiments of byrne & eno as well as authentic high-life & afrobeat. a unique record that’s quite unlike anything else we’ve heard this year, big recommendations! “tune-yards have produced a real gem…this joyous, adventurous album is going to be hard to ignore when the year-end lists start rolling in” – the quietus. 4ad



  1. my country
  2. es-so
  3. gangsta
  4. powa
  5. riotriot
  6. bizness
  7. doorstep
  8. you yes you
  9. woolywollygon
  10. killa