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Released: 28th Nov 2011


the production duo of machinedrum & sharma create a forward thinking album of diversely influenced house-step bass music.

both artists bring a crucial sense of emotional sensibility & melodic sensuality to tested dance styles that defines the sepalcure sound. ‘yuh nuh see’ takes a bite out of juke’s trademark staccato bass & looping vocals, washing the tension away with lush melodies & dubbed out atmospherics, while ‘eternally yrs’ is a burbling up-date of the rave-house sound, with processed vocals rubbing up against woodblock beats & a relentlessly bouncing bassline. ‘the one’ & first single ‘pencil pimp’ are destined to light up dancefloors worldwide with their variations on classic house, while tracks like ‘see me feel me’ & ‘outside’ are breezy & sophisticated.



  1. me
  2. pencil pimp
  3. the one
  4. see me feel me
  5. eternally yrs
  6. yuh nuh see
  7. breezin
  8. hold on
  9. carrot man
  10. outside