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Solo Piano

Sony Music Classical


Released: 10th Mar 2003


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Released: 17th Mar 2014


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with 'solo piano', glass presents himself ‘unplugged’ - no electronic keyboards  or  synthesisers, & no overdubs, either - just solo piano.

here, glass' connection to the established ‘classical’ tradition is most evident. though his pieces are ‘minimal’ (subtly altered repeated patterns or melodic motifs), they have an unsentimental beauty & heartfelt grace that one would hear in the piano music of chopin & erik satie. portions of the suite 'metamorphosis' are based on glass' score for ‘the thin blue line’; these short pieces are forlornly entrancing. the finale, 'wichita sutra vortex,' is a uniquely & quintessentially ‘american’ piece. it draws upon gospel music in the same way ives & copland drew from the well of american folk tunes, but where those composers worked in ironic portions or references to the tunes, glass absorbs the deep feeling & tones of gospel, without recalling any particular song.

Solo Piano


1. Metamorphosis One
2. Metamorphosis Two
3. Metamorphosis Three
4. Metamorphosis Four
5. Metamorphosis Five
6. Mad Rush
7. Wichita Sutra Vortex