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Released: 1st Mar 2011


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Released: 24th Feb 2011


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a beautiful affair awash with harmonies & atmospheric textures - this year's answer to beach house.

hailing from baltimore, this is the multi-instrumentalist duo of jenn wasner & andy stack’s 3rd album as wye oak. for this record they brought in mixing engineer john congleton (st. vincent, shearwater), who played a pivotal role in the sound of ‘civilian’, pushing the band into some exciting & sometimes scary new territory. the result is a kind of 21st-century folk music, imbued with dense shoegaze guitars, nearly melodic rhythms & impeccable splashes of electronic colour. without leaning on conventional structure, the songs beguile with fascinating chords & melodies, jennʼs voice & riveting lyrics, mesmerizing rhythms & an intoxicating aural landscape. a very lovely record on which the combinations of harmonies, timbres & words summon vivid & ineffable associations just beyond reach. “sultry as mazzy star & dreamy as slowdive, wye oak have raised their game with this 3rd lp” 4/5 – uncut.