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sunn 0)))

00 void

southern lord


Released: 5th Dec 2011


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2 x 180g lp

Released: 30th Jan 2012


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originally released in 2000 & out of print for years, the duo conceal melodic evocations in a dense, doomy fog.

’00 void’ was sunn o)))’s 2nd album. recorded long before their startling reinvention of the doom genre in 2009’s ‘monoliths & dimensions’, the pair were still creating sludgy, wall of sound drones out of down-tuned guitar & bass feedback with guests, petra haden (qotsa, the decemberists), pete stahl (scream, wool, goatsnake, qotsa) & stuart dahlquist (burning witch, goatsnake). aside from the crushing & room-engulfing originals ’00 void’ features a rendition of an obscure melvins song called ‘rabbits' revenge’.

00 void


  1. Richard
  2. NN0)))
  3. Rabbits' Revenge
  4. RA at Dusk