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the men

leave home

sacred bones


Released: 2nd Jun 2011



Released: 2nd Jun 2011


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the men, a 4-piece post-punk outfit from brooklyn, sure know how to confound.

their debut starts with ominous clankings & scrapes, before bursting into life with the walls of feedback guitar, brash drums & sustained vocals that make up the shoegaze-y ‘if you leave…’. ‘lotus’ cranks up the tempo & volume & stands out as an aggressive, fuzz-driven piece of instrumental rock. from here on in, things get noisier & ever-more discomforting, with album centre-piece ‘l.a.d.o.c.h.’ sounding like the aural equivalent of an oozing tarpit - a slow, crawling threat built around drum crashes. referencing drone, metal, shoegaze & hardcore, this is an intense listen that never lets up on pace, definitely recommended for fans of the wipers, my bloody valentine & sonic youth.

leave home


  1. if you leave…
  2. lotus
  3. think
  4. l.a.d.o.c.h.
  5. ( )
  6. bataille
  7. shittin with the shah'
  8. night landing