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The Birthday Party

hee-haw (180g vinyl edition)

drastic plastic

limited 180g lp (hand numbered)

Released: 19th Dec 2011


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an electrifying 1980 debut from a young nick cave & his lairy band of simultaneously inept & incredibly agile musicians, that re-defined punk music & heralded the start of a formidable trilogy of albums.

‘hee-haw’ features tracks so good you find it difficult to believe just how young in their career the band were. opener ‘mr. clarinet’ sets the tone with cave’s tortured yelps & cries against the backdrop of edgy, punked up rhythms & maniacal clarinet blasts. the work here creates the mood for the band’s all too minimal back catalogue, with the doom-laden dirge of ‘the friend catcher’ setting a blueprint for bands like sonic youth & my bloody valentine to follow.

hee-haw (180g vinyl edition)


  1. mr clarinet
  2. happy birthday
  3. hats on wrong
  4. guilt parade
  5. the friend catcher
  6. waving my arms
  7. catman
  8. riddle house
  9. a catholic skin
  10. the red clock
  11. faint heart
  12. death by drowning
  13. the hair shirt