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pretty ugly



Released: 16th Mar 2012



Released: 26th Mar 2012


a natural maverick with an uncanny ability to create urban pop & dance that's full of rich musicality & unusual textures & ideas.

dva’s a producer that has come through grime & uk funky but he’s always pulled the blueprints out of shape, messing with different time signatures & syncopations, unusual speeds & strange synths. as the presenter of rinse fm's flagship breakfast show for several years & now of hyperdub’s rinse fm show, he's sat right in the middle of london's urban music scene as a trusted & respected conduit. here he merges zingy synth forcefields, strange uk funky inflected house & techno, lush broken beats & an instrumental grime fanfare  - sweet & sour, blaring & lush, rough & smooth.

pretty ugly


  1. Reach The Sun
  2. Just Vybe ft Fatima
  3. Polyphonic Dreams
  4. Pretty Ugly ft Cornelia
  5. Bare Fuzz
  6. Madness ft Vikter Duplaix
  7. Fire Fly ft Zaki Ibrahim
  8. Why You Do ft A.L.
  9. The Big Five
  10. Eye Know ft Natalie Maddix
  11. 33rd Degree ft Muhsinah
  12. Where I Belong