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Released: 16th Apr 2012


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a dozen slices of perfect psych-touched pop in a summery blend of blissful harmonies & orchestral textures.

co-produced by walsh & guitarist/multi-instrumentalist tosh flood, ‘the olympus sound’ sees pugwash paying tribute to their impeccable influences (the beatles, elo, the beach boys) while staying true to their own very distinct vision of pop. what emerges is the sound of a band clearly happy in their own skin, from the lush & simply delivered but poignantly direct ‘i don't like it but i gotta do it’ to the euphoric hooks & solo of the string touched ‘fall down’. “the pugwash charm is evident throughout, with a pleasing tone of sweetened isolation” – independent.   



  1. Answers On A Postcard
  2. There You Are
  3. To The Warmth Of You
  4. Fall Down
  5. Be My friend Awhile
  6. Dear Belinda
  7. 15 Kilocycle Tone
  8. I Don't Like It But I Gotta Do It
  9. Here We Go 'Round Again
  10. Such Beauty Thrown Away
  11. See You Mine (Coda)
  12. Four Days
  13. Heal Me (bonus)
  14. Happy Again (bonus)
  15. Waltz With Me (bonus)