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Black Mountain

Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack



Released: 2nd Apr 2012


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nothing less than the band’s full, powerful glory distilled down to one dense, 45-minute acid tab of music.

the ‘year zero’ soundtrack weaves crunching, analog psych metal, futuristic droneouts &, somehow, a twisted saxophone ditty, featuring 5 new songs & 5 previously released songs, with much of the new material driven by expansive, synth-driven swirls & an ominous, rumbling low end. outlaw vibes, to be sure. black mountain’s psychedelia has never been anchored to any one style, time, or genre, this time the destination is intergalactic & downright ruthless, with a colossal sound powering us there.

Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack


  1. Phosphorescent Waves
  2. Bright Lights
  3. Mary Lou
  4. Embrace Euphoria
  5. Tyrants
  6. Modern Music
  7. In Sequence
  8. Wilderness Heart
  9. Breathe