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willis earl beal

Acousmatic Sorcery



Released: 2nd Apr 2012



Released: 4th Apr 2012


lo-fi, raw-tape surgical activities from this outsider, summoning lucidly unsettling blues somewhere in new mexico.

likened to daniel johnston & jandek, the bleak, dusty sketches that make up this debut blend the ghost of a fireside, steinbeck hobo with the grit-blues of the last gil scott-heron record. conjured from his days spent homeless in the dry climes of albuquerque, he began singing to cope with the trials of sleeping rough & hunting work. guitars, sounding brittle & sun-bleached, lope to the insistent clattering of drum machines that sound homemade & half alive. eerie interludes, skittering raps & almost-gone laments evoke the strangeness that has inspired tom waits & coco rosie.

Acousmatic Sorcery


  1. Nepenenoyka
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Cosmic Queries
  4. Evening’s Kiss
  5. Sambo Joe From The
  6. Rainbow
  7. Ghost Robot
  8. Swing On The Low
  9. Monotony
  10. Bright Copper Noon
  11. Away The Silent Lover
  12. Angel Chorus