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mariee sioux

gift for the end



Released: 12th Apr 2012



Released: 12th Apr 2012


gentle psychedelia & native folk roots, crisscrossing the canyon traversed by joni mitchell, neil young & bonnie billy.

fans of joanna newsom, first aid kit, alela diane & linda perhacs will easily find the beauty of this spell. this is a deep world music, mystical & ancestral with intricate melodies weaving around her traditional guitar picking. the arrangements & production sometimes treat the traditional folk instruments in a hallucinogenic way - a subtle carpet of percussions, vocal harmonies & ghostly sounds link the electric americana riffs, delicate strokes of wurlitzer, classical piano tracks, new age analogic landscapes, country western atmospheres & english psych folk.

gift for the end


  1. Homeopathic
  2. Ghosts in my Heart
  3. Old Magic
  4. Icarus Eye
  5. Swimming Through Stone
  6. White Fanged Foreverness
  7. Twin Song
  8. Tule