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Released: 30th Apr 2012


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with a casio keyboard, layered vocals & vehement, minimal beats, she writes sedated, downbeat anthems.

johanne swanson’s hazily brilliant music evokes clear states of mind, sounds & lyrics drip with moody reference to past love, loss, reflection & rejection while maintaining a hopeful, airy quality eagerly anticipating an uncertain future. over a year in new mexico, swanson recorded these enigmatic, intimate, leisurely structured pop gems with a collaborative drone to close out the ep. “ushering in gusts of midwestern humidity & refreshing lake winds, careening through parched new mexico deserts, swanson’s vocals blow about the songs in elongated streams.” – cokemachineglow.



  1. Keep Apnea
  2. Mateo
  3. It's All Yours
  4. Hometown Key
  5. Adonis