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midyear staff picks

our favourite releases of the year so far


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2020. not quite the start to the new decade we were hoping for eh?

that’s not what we’re here to talk about though. we’re here to rejoice. we’ve taken time out half way through this disaster of a year, to shout about some of the albums that have kept us going through it all. a chance to acknowledge & celebrate those artists & labels that were brave enough to put their releases out into the world right now. those that didn’t postpone their activity. those that innovated. those that made sure we had new noise to bring sanity to the disquiet. those that gave us something positive to talk about & champion & sell.

we’ve not only compiled our usual mid-year mailout but we’ve gone all out & put together a new ‘resident soundcheck’ publication. a semi-annual, if you will. each of us has picked our favourite 4 albums of 2020 so far. this is what you’ll be reading about below. for the publication, we’ve also highlighted other releases we want to make sure you’ve not missed & we look forward to some albums currently up for pre-order in the jam-packed month ahead too.  we’ll be sending these lovely little booklets (designed by jamie & nat) as a treat with all our mail order & they will also be free to pick up at the shop.

our staff picks might give you some ideas for titles to add to your #loverecordstores purchases at the weekend. they might give you some tips for father’s day presents. they might remind you of records you kept meaning to check out. they might nudge you about albums you bought already that you must go back to. they could of course just tell you which of us you’d never want to share a car journey with!!

musically, 2020 has been pretty spectacular so far. let’s distract ourselves with that for a while shall we?                                           

our favourite releases of the year so far