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king tubby & the aggrovators

king tubby's controls



Released: 5th Apr 2012


limited repress of this classic dub lp.

features ‘hardest dub’, ‘this ah the best’, ‘king edward’s head’, ‘bless i dub’, ‘tubby’s version’ & many more killer cuts.

king tubby's controls


  1. Hardest Dub
  2. This Ah The Best
  3. King Edward's Head
  4. Maria's Head Dub
  5. Morning Version
  6. Bless I Dub
  7. Crabbit Version
  8. Ghetto Dub
  9. Ya Man Version
  10. Tubby's Version
  11. Pain Dub
  12. Cowboy Dubbing
  13. D'Rude Dubber
  14. Moving Version Dub