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master of my make believe



Released: 23rd Apr 2012


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Released: 23rd Apr 2012


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brooklyn native & queen of carnival pop’s 2nd album takes the rebellious streak & electronic edge to new levels of energy & excitement.

fusing bubbling reggae-pop with the shattering beats ‘n’ bass of hip-hop & dubstep, santigold proves she certainly wasn’t a one trick pony with these stunningly composed, produced & delivered tracks. lead single ‘disparate youth’ uses an electro spin on punk-reggae to underscore a message of resilience & pushing through roadblocks. on ‘big mouth’ santi calls out all trash-talkers with a schoolyard taunt backed by an explosive carnival beat. “white reconfigures her twitchy brand of caribbean punk fusion” – bbc.

master of my make believe


  1. GO!
  2. Disparate Youth
  3. God From The Machine
  4. Fame
  5. Freak Like Me
  6. This Isn't Our Parade
  7. The Riot's Gone
  8. Pirate In The Water
  9. The Keepers
  10. Look At These Hoes
  11. Big Mouth