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Give You The Ghost

Memphis Industries


Released: 30th Apr 2012


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Released: 30th Apr 2012


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heartbroken auto-tuned vocals glide over swells of synth & pulsating beats on these dreamy, electro-r&b grooves – a bewitching  grower with a tender heart.

led by the melodies of gayngs collective’s channy leanagh, ‘give you the ghost’ is perfectly formed from 11 songs that re-shape the intersection of pop & digitised r&b. for all poliça’s synthetic manipulation, channy’s soft vocals & ryan polson’s electronic soundscapes are filled with life & raw emotion, from the heady mass of beats, bass & wandering vocals of opener ‘amongster’ to the smooth brass breakdowns & loping rhythms of the meditative ‘dark star’. “a bewitching, urgent, magical debut” – q.

natasha says: “this one’s gradually seeped into my brain & i love the atmosphere it creates in the shop every time we play it. no idea what took me so long to “get it” but i got there in the end!”

Give You The Ghost


  1. Amongster
  2. I See My Mother
  3. Violent Games
  4. Dark Star
  5. Form
  6. The Maker
  7. Lay Your Cards Out
  8. Fist, Teeth, Money
  9. Happy Being Fine
  10. Wandering Star
  11. Leading To Death