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laurel halo




Released: 18th May 2012


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immersive pop-concrete, built on a rich synthesis of intuitive but exacting electronic abstraction, bass pulse & heartfelt songwriting.

‘quarantine’ slams ambient suspension & disorienting detail up against each other. the 12 transporting songs operate as complex vacuums, where airborne harmony & movement meet with incidental noise & sub bass pressure & sample details & synth lines trail across a mutilated sonic topography. however on this release her voice is foregrounded, her expressive singing acting as a pivot in songs that eschew the usual melodic routes to generate emotion, serving as contour & human definition in contrast to the synthetic space. “smears of technological colour that spill across the canvas, just abstract enough to be perturbing” – wire.


  1. Airsick
  2. Years
  3. Thaw
  4. Joy
  5. MK Ultra
  6. Wow
  7. Carcass
  8. Holoday
  9. Tumor
  10. Morcom
  11. Nerve
  12. Light + Space