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reeling skullways

punch drunk


Released: 26th Apr 2012

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Released: 26th Apr 2012


leo recommends: "veteran dubstepper ditches his trombone to focus on modular synths, creating an album of fizzing analogue acid house jams, imbued with a vibrancy that sets him apart from his contemporaries".

ralph cumbers’ 1st lp for punch drunk delivers grooves informed by the loopier, more martian aspects of chi-town jack & detroit techno-soul. with tightly edited rhythms & textures, sculpted from raw analogue synthesis, contagious melodies & perfectly positioned drum patterns, the end results reveal bass clef simultaneously at his most stripped-back, focused, playful, complicated, emotional & danceable. highlights include the hyper galactic jacking on ‘hackney – chicago – jupiter’, the squelching acid synths that build to the off-kilter rhythms in the crescendo of ‘electricity comes from other planets’ & ‘suddenly alone together’s heavy bass breakdown.

reeling skullways


cd tracklist:

  1. Keep Hoping Machine Running
  2. Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor
  3. Hackney – Chicago – Jupiter
  4. Embrace Disaster
  5. Electricity Comes From Other Planets
  6. Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare
  7. Suddenly Alone Together
  8. A Rail Is A Road And A Road Is A River
  9. Ghost Kicks In The Spiral

2 x 12" tracklist:

  1. Hackney – Chicago – Jupiter
  2. Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare
  3. Electricity Comes From Other Planets
  4. A Rail Is A Road And A Road Is A River
  5. Suddenly Alone Together
  6. Ghost Kicks In The Spiral