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white fence

family perfume vol 1 & 2



Released: 10th May 2012


combining both volumes of lo fi garage psychonaut white fence's recent vinyl only releases on one cd.

fans of his recent collaboration with ty segall (‘hair’) will immediately discern the damaged & deliriously impulsive attitude to songwriting that these home recorded nuggets do so well. crossing folk, punk & garage, & always a trespasser. “finds melodic inspiration in classic rock, but blurs his reference points toward punk by coating the music in lo-fi grit… a home-recording primitivist of the bob pollard variety, presley, who works under the name white fence, shrouds his wiggly stoner gems in a curtain of tape hiss, distortion, & woozy effects.” - pitchfork

family perfume vol 1 & 2


  1. Swagger vets & Double moon
  2. Long white curtain
  3. Balance yr heart
  4. Do you know Ida Know?
  5. Down PNX
  6. Take away lifes endless take
  7. Hope! Servatude, i have no!
  8. It will never be
  9. Soaring, daily pique number 2
  10. A Hermes Blues
  11. Hey! Roman nose
  12. Breathe Again
  13. Daily Pique
  14. Groundskeeper Rag (Man’s Man)
  15. She Relief
  16. I’d Sing
  17. Real Smiles
  18. Lizards First
  19. It’s Confusing when you wake up
  20. Upstart Girls
  21. Stomach Sexes
  22. A Good Night
  23. Latchkeys
  24. Anna
  25. Be At Home
  26. Makers
  27. Tame
  28. King Of The Decade