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grumbling fur



ltd cd

Released: 2nd Jul 2012


heavyweight green lp

Released: 2nd Jul 2012

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alexander tucker & daniel o'sullivan strip back their sound, exposing focussed melodies & space for lyrical harmonies amongst the crashing rhythms & drones.

As soon as the loping breakbeat & pentatonic piano run of 'Wylderness Waiting' kicks in you can feel the excitement of a special creation, marking a change of sound as beautiful vocal interplay sits at the forefront of mix, brought to life by the experimental yet accessible music created at the heart of their sound. 'solar nights & rainwater' is an epic piece, as bubbling synthlines & spectral piano & rowdy guitar battle with tribal drums & ethereal harmonies to euphoric effect. an awesome set, carefully fitting between energetic jams & concisely composed ideas.