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sigur ros




Released: 28th May 2012


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limited 2lp repress

Released: 11th Nov 2013


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rejecting their recent pop leanings, they return to their roots to bring back the epic, layered atmospherics that made us fall in love with them in the first place -  this feels like an alternative musical path they didn’t take after 2002’s classic untitled ‘( )’ album.

frequently bereft of formal structures & for large stretches of time more atmospheres than songs, the work – which the band have described as sounding “like an avalanche in slow motion” – offers a counterpoint to the now very familiar & more structured songs on ‘takk’ & ‘med sud i….’. something alchemical occurs when the 4 members of sigur rós are in the room together & while ‘valtari’ is a more “studio based” album than any of its predecessors, the long hours of experimentation & unsentimental editing have yielded incredible results….again.

derry recommends: "back to their roots as they reject their recent pop leanings to bring back the epic, layered atmospherics that made us love them in the first place".



  1. Ég anda
  2. Ekki múkk
  3. Varúð
  4. Rembihnútur
  5. Dauðalogn
  6. Varðeldur
  7. Valtari
  8. Fjögur píanó