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old man gloom


hydra head


Released: 2nd Jul 2012


ltd 180g 2lp

Released: 25th Jun 2012


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a fiercely heavy & noisy sludge metal supergroup containing members of Converge, ISIS, Cave In, Zozobra, Doomriders & Mamiffer.

  "Old Man Gloom has been a sort of sludge/doom/metalcore supergroup in the Boston scene for the last decade, & their latest release, "No", shows that their dark, tormented sound still has staying power... an album full of detuned riffing & maddening noise" - ultimate guitar. "It's their first in 8 years, & you'll get an idea of how heavy, noisy, fucked up, and flat-out beautiful" - pitchfork.




  1. Grand Inversion
  2. Common Species
  3. Regain / Rejoin
  4. To Carry The Flame
  5. The Forking Path
  6. Shadowed Hand
  7. Rats
  8. Crescent