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sir richard bishop


ideologic organ


Released: 25th Jun 2012


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collection of various pieces for electric & acoustic guitar, Originally self released on CDR in 2011.

Bishop's discography is vast & prolific & most notably includes nearly 30 albums in Sun City Girls, the trio of which Bishop was a founding member. In the last 8 years he has carved out a distinct, singular solo guitar career that is rife with Asian, Arabian & African influences. Bishop's deft & lyrical approach causes 'Intermezzo''s wide variety of sounds & styles to blend perfectly, resulting in perhaps his most consistently enthralling full-length yet. "a real pleasure...If the reason to start a record label is to release the music you are truly enamored by, this is a true example of that philosophy" - Stephen O'Malley, Paris 2012



  1. Dust & Spurs
  2. Reversionary Tactics
  3. Dance of the Cedars
  4. Inner Redoubt
  5. Hump Tulip
  6. Dhumavati
  7. Molasses
  8. Cranial Tap
  9. Khajuraho