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Eternal Tapestry

Dawn In 2 Dimensions

thrill jockey

limited lp + download

Released: 11th Jun 2012


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the ragged but right gang of underground psych luminaries reconvene to follow up on 'beyond the 4th door' & their sun araw collaboration.

opening up with a fierce, wooden shjipsy jam (but looser like their early cuts) eternal tapestry usher in another slab of alternately riotous, devotional, devious & downright doped out psychedelia. the interplay of chiming & sludgy wah wah guitars drives the band further out into kosmische territory, absolutely nailing it on the second side with a 20 minute live track that may become their dark star!

Dawn In 2 Dimensions


  1. Wholeodome
  2. Bread Of Dreams
  3. Marrow Of The Wand
  4. I.S.F.S. > Dawn In 2 Dimensions > Quantum Leap