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Millions Now Living Will Never Die

thrill jockey


Released: 22nd Jul 2013


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Tortoise’s landmark 2nd album reissued on heavyweight vinyl, praise the gods.

Featuring the famous 20 minute opener ‘Djed’ The majority of the material was conceived during an idyllic 10-day retreat in Northern Vermont, where the group were able to explore their ideas in a setting that fostered introspection & inspiration. it was also the first tortoise record to feature dave pajo · “seamlessly incorporating Krautrock rhythms, dub-inspired studio effects, and minimalist tuned percussion... And what further distinguishes Tortoise from their many imitators is the casual way they make their genre recombination seem completely obvious after the fact, and how they make such meticulous studio work sound as organic as the tides” - Pitchfork.

Millions Now Living Will Never Die


  1. Djed
  2. Glass Museum
  3. A Survey
  4. The Taut And Tame
  5. Dear Grandma And Grandpa
  6. Along The Banks Of Rivers